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Design, Production, Sale, Spare parts, Service and Repair electrodrive and motor to 1000kW
Electro motors AC electro motor Asynchronous motors to universal application

Asynchronous three-phase motors with squirrel cage rotor

Motors in this series are designed to be enclosed, cooled by means of external surface ventilation and provided with a wound rotor. They are suitable for continuous operation, limited operation, and intermittent operation.
The dimensioning for intermittent operation is particularly suitable for lifting equipment and rolling mill auxiliaries subject to heavy-duty operation. They have been designed, manufactured and tested in compliance with the CEI 2-3 Standards as well as IEC 34-1 International Standards and the main foreign standards.
As regards performance-size, they are standardized according to UNEL National Standards, IEC 72 International Recommendations, as well as the Standardization adopted by member countries of the European Common Market.

  • Enclosed construction
  • External ventilation
  • Sizes 100 - 500
  • Power 0,75 to 530 kW

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