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Electrical pumps

Electric gear pump 4 CZ

Electric pumps of the 4 CZ range are used to pump and supply oil in machine tools, esp. for pressure lubrication of bearings.

Viscosity of the pumped liquid must not exceed 115 mm2.s-1, temperature 0-60°C, and the size of impurities 0.1 mm.

Pumps must not be used for pumping flammable liquids. Electric gear pumps of the 4CZ range feature a special flanged shape adapted for installation directly onto the oil tank. The suction pipe has to be located in the tank to prevent the pump from sucking in contaminated oil. The opening of the pipe for overflow of redundant oil has to be designed in order to prevent the excessive breaking of oil.

Voltage and frequency

  • The pumps are usually manufactured for voltage: 380-440/220-254 V, 500-575/288-332 V, 230 V
  • Other voltages may be accommodated upon request.
  • The pumps may be used for a frequency range of 50 to 60 Hz.

Operating conditions

  • Climatic versions
    • moderate climate WT (M)
    • tropical hot climate WDa (T23)
  • Product location category 3K4, 3B1, 3C2, 3S2, 3M3
  • Elevation: The pumps operate in conditions of up to 2000 m above sea level.

Proportions and parameters
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