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Design, Production, Sale, Spare parts, Service and Repair electrodrive and motor to 1000kW

Spare parts

The speed-voltage generators K-10, 2STZ 055 - 3STZ 055. Brush gears of the STZ serie, rotors of the 2STZ and 3STZ speed-voltage generators..
Brushs and brush holders.
Parts of converters FORMIC series.

Connectors ŠR serie.
Fuses for protection semiconductor parts of converters REVER and FORMIC series; 6 - 200 A
Semiconductor parts of converters REVER and FORMIC - thyristors modules 32 - 160 A, thyristors up to 60 A, diodes..

Encoder IRC,resolver EF4LD a EF4KD, speed-voltage generator K-10 and their couplings.
The motor 2ATM for fan of motors V, SRT and MF. Bearings for d.c. motors.

Parts for converters REVER serie.
Boards A-10, A-11, A-12, A-13, A-14,A-01, A-02, A03, A04 for converters FORMIC series.

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