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Design, Production, Sale, Spare parts, Service and Repair electrodrive and motor to 1000kW
Electro motors AC electro motor Asynchronous motors to universal application

Asynchronous three-phase motors with squirrel cage rotor

Motors in this range are designed to be enclosed, cooled by means of external surface ventilation, and provided with a squirrel-cage rotor. They have been designed, manufactured and tested in compliance with CEI 2-3 Standards as well as IEC 34-1 International Standards and the main foreign standards. As regards performance-size, they are standardized according to UNEL National Standards, IEC 72 International Recommendations as well as the standardization adopted by member countries of the European Common Market.

  • Enclosed construction
  • External ventilation
  • Sizes 132 to 315

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catalogo_ghisa.pdf Cast iron cage
catalogo_serie_t_56-160.pdf Aluminium cage

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